by olivergondza

Bash strict mode and why you should care

2019-10-01Post by olivergondza

It has been a while since I have stumbled upon a great post of Aaron Maxwell introducing what he refers to as “Unofficial Bash Strict Mode” and started taking advantage of its benefits on everyday bases. It has even become part of my bash script template so I never (well, almost) create a new file without a strict mode header.

IntelliJ IDEA custom postfix completion

2019-04-05Post by olivergondza

I have no idea how could I possibly miss that one of my favorite features of IntelliJ IDEA is actually user-configurable. The postfix completion itself permits one to transform expression on the left side from the caret into different code block without jumping back and forth. One of the predefined completions is turning

A pragmatic approach to letting things go

2019-03-01Post by olivergondza

The things come and go. The flow of new things coming in our lives does not need much help to sustain as it is fairly easy to get people excited about creating things. Tools, libraries, frameworks, services - you name it.

What is new in Dumpling 2.0?

2016-02-05Post by olivergondza

Dumpling 2.0 is considered feature complete. Let’s see what’s in there!

Dumpling 1.0 released

2015-07-08Post by olivergondza

Dumpling has finally reached version 1.0 lately. What are the coolest features?

Threaddump analysis with Dumpling CLI

2015-05-18Post by olivergondza

Dumpling CLI is fully scriptable, console based tool for threaddump analysis. It is GitHub hosted project available under the terms of MIT license. It values maximal flexibility, reliability and convenience. How can it help you?